Office Reforms

At Global Projects we believe that your workplace, where you invest a large part of your day, should be a space where you feel comfortable and which transmits your values. That’s why we take care of giving it that distinctive touch to transform your workplace into the space you have always wanted.

We have a lot of experience in optimizing and coordinating this type of work, where design, execution times, and costs are essential to suit your needs.



We are specialists in transferring the corporate image, personality and culture of a company to its physical spaces. Whether offices, studies or coworking spaces, we adapt the interior of the professional space to the image that the company wants to convey. In addition, we can work in an integral or punctual way in works of expansion or carry out a full reform of offices or offices.

We are careful with the smallest details. We adapt the lighting of offices to create the desired atmospheres and sensations in each of the spaces and help you choose the furniture to show a good business image. Our team of professional architects and interior designers can carry out a complete project to capture the corporate image of the company.

Global Projects has a team of professionals who are fully involved to guarantee an excellent work. We also take care of the building license, activity license, electrical project and project accreditation. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible and in control of the project all the time, which is why, before starting, we prepare a detailed budget, a status of measurements and plans.

The objective is to make you feel as comfortable as possible and that you have the reform controlled at all times.


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