Commercial premises reforms

We reform the spaces of your commercial premises to create new sensations and experiences for your clients. We choose the perfect furniture for your business, following your vision and taking care of the smallest details.
We work on the project, interior design and execution of the reform. We take care of the lighting of the spaces depending on the design and utility of each one of them. We select the right furniture to be able to show a good business image.

Stores, restaurants, bars, showrooms, hotels, are some of the spaces in which we have developed reform projects in Barcelona.

We design and transform the facilities to suit the characteristics and needs of your company: electricity, air conditioning, decoration and furniture.

Our professional team, consisting of both architects and interior designers, will capture the image and personality of your business in the reform, transforming the premises into the perfect reflection of your company. The main objective is to achieve unique and personalized spaces based on the needs of each client, taking into account the type of business and its profitability.

Some commercial premises reforms

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